Verdentum Pro.

A complete impact measurement and project management solution for development-sector and volunteer efforts.

  • Highly flexible platform that can be deployed on a wide range of projects
  • Multiple management layers, allowing you to coordinate teams at various levels
  • Allows you to display data, analytics, and graphs on your website
  • Customizable analytics, graphs, and more
  • Customization of annual/semi-annual reports

Stay Connected

  • Verdentum Pro includes social-networking and collaboration features to stay connected with            your team/fellow volunteers on a project
  • Real-time reporting and updates
  • Offline capabilities
  • Built with volunteers in mind

Case Study: Helping track impact with 30,000 rural farmers

Accion Fraterna Ecology Center, Ananthapur, India. Watch the video to learn more about how Verdentum’s technology is being used to track impact on a project impacting over 30,000 small holder farmers in one of India’s most drought prone regions, Ananthapur.