I AM ABLE Campaign

Commonwealth Youth Council

The I AM ABLE initiative aims to address the marginalisation and discrimination of people with disabilities in the Commonwealth’s 52 countries. The campaign involves educational outreach, myth-busting on social media, and leadership training for young people with physical, mental and learning disabilities. As a step towards increasing connectivity of its members and providing a better framework for measuring progress on the campaign, the CYC has implemented Verdentum technology and invited key stakeholders to upload data and information on their activities related to disability rights and the campaign on the Verdentum platform.Currently members from 9 commonwealth countries are registered on the platform and have been sharing information. There are plans to open up the usage of the platform to participants in all 52 commonwealth countries.The platform has allowed sharing of pictures and information from places with little internet, that have been difficult to connect.

By using Verdentum technology, the CYC is able to not only connect their network of participants, but keep track of progress in real time, analyse impact, and have graphs and reports that are updated in real time.

The Commonwealth Youth Council (CYC) is the largest and most diverse youth-led organisation in the world. It is recognized voice of more than 1.2 billion young people in the commonwelth. It has established by the Heads of Governments in the commonwealth in line with the Commonwealth Charter. It is an exiting inclusive initiative that seeks to communicate, engage and advocate for youth led participation. The CYC is an independent entity responsible for youth representation in the Commonwealth.