The ultimate agri-sector data collection and analysis platform.

  • Offered in association with ICRISAT
  • Monitoring & Evaluation, project management and reporting made easy
  • Built specifically for agri-sector projects taking into account years of experience and                        scientific approaches to agriculture data management.
  • Trusted by leading donors and implementing bodies to track large-scale projects, globally.
  • Real-time reporting and analysis
  • Active insights based on data from the field.

Mobile features & interfaces built for agriculture

  • Survey systems built specifically for agriculture
  • Easy-to-use mobile platform made with field-users in mind
  • Complete offline functionality
  • Comprehensive industry-leading farmer record system
  • Weather and geo-location integration
  • Much more

Case Study: Helping track impact with 30,000 rural farmers.

Accion Fraterna Ecology Center, Ananthapur, India.

Watch the video to learn more about how Verdentum’s technology is being used to track impact on a project impacting over 30,000 small holder farmers in one of India’s most drought prone regions, Ananthapur.