Verdentum engages with some of the world's leading international organizations, UN bodies, government agencies, corporations and non-profits. Our technology helps run projects, coordinate teams worldwide and track & monitor funds and impact directly from the field - from global projects with multiple stakeholders to a local volunteer campaign, Verdentum's technology delivers the full suite of tools you need to maximize resources and impact.

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Sustainable Agriculture SDG 11

Coordinating Action to Help Over 30,000 Underprivileged Farmers in India’s 2nd Most Drought-Prone District

The Accion Fraterna Ecology Center has been able to coordinate teams in different locations and achieve greater efficiency and reduced fossil fuel consumption.

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Disability Rights/Global Campaigns SDG 10

Connecting Volunteers and Measuring Impact Across the Commonwealth for Disability Rights

The ‘I AM ABLE Campaign’, launched by the Commonwealth Youth Council – the official voice of over 1.2 billion youth in the Commonwealth, uses Verdentum to give volunteers and staff a way to share data and connect for a global campaign.

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