Verdentum’s technology solutions allow organizations and individuals to launch, coordinate, and track impact on development sector projects and projects with a rural-focus.

From multi-million dollar high-impact projects to local volunteer campaigns, Verdentum presents easy solutions that allow everyone from the rural end-beneficiary to the global executive in each organization to be integrated on one online and mobile platform to enhance performance and ultimate impact. From agriculture to gender to climate change, Verdentum is leading the way that organizations and individuals can work with their teams, field implementers, and volunteers to create massive impact. Verdentum provides the technology you need to address some of the world’s most pressing issues.

A brief conversation with Accion Fraterna employees:

Verdentum is helping us take right decisions and follow up.

-- Dr. Malla Reddy, Director, Accion Fraterna

We can directly see and know the work going on without going to the field every time.

-- Venkateshwarlu, ATL(Area Team Leader), Accion Fraterna